Good electrical contact is essential for reliable test and accurate fault identification

PCBs intended for use in tough or non-controlled environments are covered in a protective coating, often referred to as ‘conformal coating’, which provides protection to the electronics against the ingress of moisture and dirt. It also helps prevent the effects of condensation affecting the operation of the PCB during heating (power-on) and cooling (power-off) cycles.

Functional testing is usually performed from the edge connector of a circuit and therefore the coating does not interfere with the operation of the test, however, as soon as there is a need to probe internal networks or clip a device for diagnostic testing the coating needs to be removed.

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Coating Removal Product Range


The CRS8000 system from Diagnosys is designed for the safe removal of a conformal coating or protective coating, including Parylene. Using ESD safe (Electro Static Safe) media in an ionised and filtered air-stream the CRS8000 is an essential tool for any workshop.

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