Diagnosys' Propulsion System Testing

Propulsion System

The S500 Bench Test Equipment (BTE) is customized to provide reliable and automated testing of propulsion systems for Mass Transit. In addition to the standard S500 System Bay, the BTE includes a Power Bay that reproduces the inputs the propulsion unit would encounter in normal operations. The power bay includes high voltage and high current power supplies and a safety enclosure to keep operators safe during operations.

The S500 Power Bay has the following features:

  • Electrically controlled safety systems
  • Power components for testing Insulated Gate Bipolar Transistor (IGBT) switching at high current and voltage
  • Ergonomic design for transport of LRU assemblies to the BTE
  • High-potential tester (Hipot) with multiplexed measure points
  • Testing applications, which are developed against a Golden Unit that determines the proper functioning parameters of the propulsion unit Line Replacement Unit (LRU) and its Lowest Level Replaceable Units (LLRUs).
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