A range of cost effective benchtop test systems designed for the test, troubleshooting and accurate fault finding of PCBs

Built on proven technology and powered by the renowned TestVue software, the PinPoint family of powerful benchtop test systems allow you to prove your circuits are working or diagnose the exact cause of a failure when they don’t. Automatic diagnostic algorithms guide the user to probe individual components in the circuit and determine their working condition against a library of proven functional test routines.

Ranging from the compact and affordable PinPoint Alpha through to the PinPoint DSS based test system, you can upgrade functionality, capability and performance as and when required while retaining transportability of test programs.

Renowned for their ease-of-use and with proven technology in use with major organizations worldwide, the PinPoint range provides the scalable capability and performance you need to address latest and legacy technology while providing the most cost effective solutions to save you time and money.

S500 systems are focused on the functional test of LRUs or PCBs from their edge connectors. Diagnostic testing is achieved by the use of a guided probe to make measurements and to prove the operation of electronic components on internal networks of the circuit. From the result of the probing the test program can indicate the cause of a failure to a component or small group of components (ambiguity group or indictment group).

S790 systems are focused on the precision test of PCBs used in mission or safety critical systems. By applying a combination of test techniques seamlessly in a test program maximum fault detection can be achieved.

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Test and Fault Finding Product Range


The S500 is an easy-to-use turnkey functional test solution for your LRUs, PCBs and electronic assemblies


The S500-DSS provides a combined LRU functional test and PCB diagnostic capability in a single platform

PinPoint II R

The PinPoint II R provides industry leading capability for the test and fault finding of the most challenging circuits. Allowing you to select and apply different test techniques on a single circuit, comprehensive fault coverage is ensured.

PinPoint Sigma

Designed on an extended chassis providing 10 available slots for Digital Universal and analog Matrix channels, the PinPoint Sigma delivers maximum flexibility and capability.

PinPoint Alpha

Designed from the outset with modularity and scalability in mind, the PinPoint Alpha system is flexible, adaptable and modular.

AutoPoint DT

The AutoPoint DT system is a small desk-top flying probe system that provides automatic probing of an electronic circuit.

Test Adaptors

A solid, repeatable and robust physical electrical connection is essential for the quality testing of any electronic component.

PinPoint Diagnostic Sub-system

In this format, PinPoint technology is available in an industry standard 19” rack-mounted format so that it can be integrated into functional test systems to provide comprehensive fault finding diagnostic tools and a troubleshooting tool-set.


The Diagnosys S790 Series2 - A precision test system aimed at the precision test of mission and safety critical PCBs

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