Creating the essential information you need for a reliable & accurate test program

When you don’t have a schematic diagram for a PCB you will not be able to develop a reliable and accurate test program. This can be an issue with 3rd party PCBs and equipment you are trying to support and repair.

Overcoming these issues and allowing you to create accurate schematic diagrams, the PinPoint range has the ability to reverse engineer the netlist and schematic diagram for a PCB from a physical board (PCB or CCA)

Using algorithms to minimize the user interaction, you are guided around the PCB placing clips on devices so that the software automatically learns the interconnections on the PCB. From this learnt netlist the schematic diagram is generated and can be edited to optimize the layout to your requirements.

All systems in the PinPoint range have the technical capability to reverse engineer a schematic diagram for smaller or partial circuits. However for larger circuits and maybe for use as a dedicated resource the systems can be configured for maximum network learning capability with cost effective switching cards.

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Reverse Schematic Product Range

PinPoint Sigma

The PinPoint Sigma system is a modular and expandable system with up to 10 user configurable slots. These slots can be configured to hold matrix switching cards which provide maximum network learning capability with minimum interaction in a very cost effective manner. Configured in this way the pinpoint Sigma is an ideal reverse engineering system.

PinPoint II R

The PinPoint II R is a highly capable system and can be configured to have cost effective switching cards to minimize the user interaction while providing maximum network learning capability. Having more standard troubleshooting capability built-in the PinPoint II R is an ideal system for fault finding and reverse schematic engineering applications.

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