Asset availability and safe operation through extended life is an essential requirement for your mission critical electronic systems.

Ensuring Safety – Through life support - Extended life – Cost savings

Diagnosys has over 40 years’ experience working with major defense organizations and militaries worldwide and has helped them to:

  • Extend the operational life of systems

  • Reduce test and repair times

  • Improve asset availability

  • Reduce inventory levels

  • Releasing quarantined stock (No Fault Found) through in-depth test and accurate fault finding

  • Reduce test programming times

  • Improve PCB reliability by accurate fault finding and less re-work

  • Ensure safety by in-depth test and excellent fault detection capability

  • Support legacy and 3rd party equipment

  • Re-host legacy test systems

Defense and Military

From 1st line support to 4th line depot workshop, fast turn-around times are essential to help ensure the availability and safe operation of a mission critical asset. Lengthy logistics chains can swallow inventory and long repair times can all affect your ability to deliver when it matters.

Diagnosys fully understand these issues and works closely with Defense and Military organizations around the globe, helping to ensure electronic systems are kept working safely, cost effectively and throughout extended life.

Whether supplying equipment or providing you with comprehensive solutions to test, or fault find and repair LRUs & PCBs, Diagnosys works with you to provide a solution that will work for you.

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Proven track-record with Worldwide defense users

What our customers say…

" takes only a few days to write a test program versus months with a "conventional" functional test system."

"...we'll turn each TPS around in a matter of weeks at one-tenth the cost..."

"...PinPoints’ existing capability produces life-cycle cost savings of millions of dollars, while providing the military with leading edge technology..."

"Prompt service and excellent product support are the core strengths of Diagnosys"