Boundary Scan, also known as JTAG, is a test technique that is applied to devices equipped with a special Test Access Port (TAP) and additional circuitry. Conforming to the IEEE 1149.1 standard, these devices can be tested both internally and externally using serial data conforming to the standard.

In addition to a standard basic Boundary Scan capability to test the continuity between the internal logic and the external network on the circuit board, a fully 1149.1 compliant Boundary Scan solution can be integrated into our equipment system. Diagnosys is a Technology Partner with XJTAG, which enables us to provide an industry leading solution for testing devices and boards fitted with Boundary Scan devices.

XJTAG provides advanced graphical software:

XJAnalyser for automatically analysing scan: XJDebug for the debug of test code, including: XJRunner a complete graphical run-time: XJEase giving high-level device-centric:
Chain configurations Breakpoints and modifications Production environment Software capabilities for testing non-Jtag
Plug-and-play configuration Step through or over code a line at a time Complete graphical run-time Device from the scan chain
Control the pins on JTAG devices Set, remove and display breakpoints Environment run-only environment High-level BASIC-type language
Run SVF files Check or modify the values Device-centric, not board-centric
JTAG Chain Debugging Non-JTAG device testing
Pin Watch
Run Chains / Single Step
After Dev
Device Geometry
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Products Boundary Scan Capabilities

Diagnosys' products with Boundary Scan Capability


The Diagnosys S790 Series2 with its high technical specification hardware and technology, represents the ultimate high-performance, precision test ATE system.


The S500 is an easy-to-use turnkey functional test solution for your LRUs, PCBs and electronic assemblies

PinPoint II R

The PinPoint II R provides industry leading capability for the test and fault finding of the most challenging circuits. Allowing you to select and apply different test techniques on a single circuit, comprehensive fault coverage is ensured.

PinPoint Alpha

Designed from the outset with modularity and scalability in mind, the PinPoint system is flexible, adaptable and modular.

PinPoint Sigma

Designed on an extended chassis providing 10 available slots for Digital Universal and analog Matrix channels, the PinPoint Sigma delivers maximum flexibility and capability.

PinPoint Diagnostic Sub-system

In this format, PinPoint technology is available in an industry standard 19” rack-mounted format so that it can be integrated into functional test systems to provide comprehensive fault finding diagnostic tools and a troubleshooting tool-set.