In addition to the active and dynamic testing available using in-circuit and functional testing, our products have a powerful Voltage / Current (V/I) nodal analysis technique available.

This is a power-off technique that can be applied to any circuit without any knowledge of its function or design. The technique basically compares a learnt signature from a known good board (stored in the test database) with a signature measured from the board under test.

Automatic selection of voltage and frequency to provide a stable and repeatable signature makes the programming task easy and fast. Our TestVue software also stores alternative signatures for each circuit network to avoid false failures should a device from a different manufacturer (same function but different characteristics) be encountered.

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Diagnosys' products with Nodal Analysis Capability


The Diagnosys S790 Series2 with its high technical specification hardware and technology, represents the ultimate high-performance, precision test ATE system.


The S500 is an easy-to-use turnkey functional test solution for your LRUs, PCBs and electronic assemblies

PinPoint II R

The PinPoint II R provides industry leading capability for the test and fault finding of the most challenging circuits. Allowing you to select and apply different test techniques on a single circuit, comprehensive fault coverage is ensured.

PinPoint Alpha

Designed from the outset with modularity and scalability in mind, the PinPoint Alpha system is flexible, adaptable and modular.

PinPoint Sigma

Designed on an extended chassis providing 10 available slots for Digital Universal and analog Matrix channels, the PinPoint Sigma delivers maximum flexibility and capability.

FaultFinder VIP

The FaultFinder VIP provides a way to rapidly identify failures by troubleshooting a PCB or CCA.