Diagnosys S790 Series2: The ultimate precision test ATE system for PCBs and electronic assemblies

S790 Series2

The Diagnosys S790 Series2, with its high technical specification hardware and technology, represents the ultimate high-performance, precision test ATE system.

Coupled with CATE™ software for fast effective program production, the S790 Series2 is the ideal solution for addressing todays’ major board test concerns including test program generation, and diagnostic speed and accuracy.

Defence Materiel Organisation

The DMO (Defence Materiel Organisation) is part of the Australian Department of Defence and has the responsibility to equip and sustain the Australian Defence Forces:

“…When the DMO considered the options for replacement of a legacy Schlumberger system, a natural contender was the Diagnosys S790 Series2 system. This system is the next generation successor to the older Schlumberger systems and allows test programs to be easily and quickly migrated to the new platform. The S790 Series2 was a natural choice and best fit solution to the DMO requirements. As a modern and powerful test system, the S790 Series2 provides excellent test and diagnostic capabilities for the DMO. Universal Test Channels in the system allow in-circuit, functional, mixed-signal and boundary scan testing through any of the test channels giving excellent flexibility for future-proof testing of the high-technology circuits…”

Indian Air Force

The Indian Air Force placed an order for an S790 Series2 High Performance ATE.

"...The order was placed with Diagnosys because of their past performance, highly user friendly features of the machine and competitive pricing."

“ …Diagnosys is giving excellent services and maintaining S720 ATE at our New Delhi depot in fully serviceable condition.”

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S790 Series2 Features

High precision Automatic Test System (ATE)

The S790 Series2 - combines advanced hardware and software technologies with intelligent diagnostics providing an ATE that addresses every aspect of electronic PCB test in today’s challenging test environments. Recognized as a leader in its field, the S790 Series2 is widely used in todays’ commercial and defense markets for the precision test of PCBs and electronic assemblies.

Circuit card performance

  • High speed precision testing of your circuits for confidence and performance proving
  • Multiple test technique sequences for maximum fault coverage and fault detection
  • Repeatable, accurate and reliable PCB fault finding results that are operator independent
  • Advanced software diagnostics algorithms to help overcome no-fault-found (NFF) scenarios
  • Programmable test data capture and test result logging for analysis, trend monitoring and quality audits

Diagnostics capability

At the core of any good test system are good diagnostics - the S790 Series2’s are outstanding. Highly sophisticated software intelligence combines inputs from the many diagnostic tools, including fault history logs, to isolate the root cause of faults with very high precision and speed. Advanced diagnostic intelligence provides efficient fault finding without the need for operator knowledge and experience. A major strength of the S790 Series2 is its diagnostic ability to save time and money on PCB fault identification - an unbeatable, winning formula.

Extensive library of device functional test routines

S790 Series2 has an extensive library of IC functional test routines including Western and Russian devices, and it readily integrates with instrumentation for extended analog functional testing. Test methods include in-circuit test, functional edge test, boundary scan test, cluster test , analog test, mixed signal test, Analog signature (VI) test, CPU assisted test , fixtureless test and Bed-of-Nails test. All test methods are integrated in a single graphical Test Plan, or test program, for the long term ease of support

High data rates with precision timing

With the S790 Series2, high data rates and precision timing help ensure the PCB is tested fully and maximum test coverage and fault detection is achieved. It has up to 3840 FlexPins and 960 Universal digital dynamic test channels, and up to 40 MHz data rate. Programmable Protector Tables help ensure the safe in-circuit test of any PCB and handles custom designed devices. Instrument Strategizer allows graphic programming of external integrated instruments, and includes synchronized mixed signal testing for proving hybrid circuits.

Comprehensive Automatic Program generator

A comprehensive Automatic Program Generator (APG) for in-circuit testing combined with a boundary scan solution, which includes serialization of parallel test vectors, facilitates the programming of virtual clusters. S790 Series2 is the only system that is truly backwards compatible with S700 and S7700 test programs providing a no-risk and rapid re-hosting of legacy systems

Computer Aided Test Engineering (CATE™) software

The powerful Computer Aided Test Engineering (CATE™) software is at the heart of the S790 Series2, providing an icon based object-orientated interactive graphical environment operating under Linux. CATE provides a highly efficient and effective set of test program development and diagnostic tools all supported with interactive help to ensure you can always use the full capability of the system.

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