The ability to record, store, update and analyze test data is essential for the efficient operation of any electronic repair workshop.

Test Result Server (TRS) collects and stores test data from test systems, including those from a 3rd party, allowing it to be updated with repair information and analyzed.

Test data is created in a number of ways and can include automatic test result logging from test systems, manual test records entry and the recording of PCB repair information when it is re-worked. Diagnosys has developed the Test Result Server (TRS) software, which provides the ability to collect and update test data from different test systems including those from a 3rd party. The test systems need to be networked together in order for data sharing to be enabled.

With purpose-designed software which supports the transfer, capture and sharing of test data and a dedicated hardware storage Server, the TRS solution facilitates the creation of a networked data sharing capability. This capability helps drive efficiencies in the operation of the electronic repair environment and forms the foundation for advanced data analysis either in real-time or off-line:

  • Automatic logging of test data and storage in a central server

  • Manual entry to allow recording of repair actions

  • Provides access to test data history for an LRU or PCB for analysis

  • Enables identification of previous repair actions on LRUs and PCBs

  • Helps identify failure trends

  • Provides a comprehensive central test data record for analysis

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Programming Product Range

Graphical Guided Probe

Functional diagnostic testing - moving beyond Go / NoGo functional test, the S500 systems utilize a guided dynamic functional probe to identify the root cause of a failure in a circuit.

NI LabView

NI LabView, a development environment designed specifically to accelerate the productivity of engineers.

XJTAG Boundary Scan test solution

The XJTAG development system consists of a suite of software products and XJLink (a USB-JTAG connector) that enable users to test and program electronic circuits which are designed with Boundary Scan capability. It has been designed to unlock the potential of JTAG Boundary Scan test.

TestVue™ Software

TestVue™ software, which is used throughout the PinPoint range, offers a powerful array of features including TestFlow™, Analog virtual instruments, SeaWave and a simple intuitive user interface. The software is renowned for its ease-of-use and has been specifically designed for the test and fault finding of electronic circuits and test data recording.

CATE Software

The powerful Computer Aided Test Engineering CATE™ software is at the heart of the S790 Series2, providing an icon based object-orientated interactive graphical environment which operates under Linux. CATE provides a highly efficient and effective set of test program development and diagnostic tools all supported with interactive help to ensure you can always use the full capability of the system.

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