Diagnosys S500 test solution: High power test of LRUs and LLRUs

Diagnosys S500 High Power

The test of high power UUTs requires specialized expertise and test techniques to ensure the safety of the test developer and the end user.

In the Mass Transit sector typical LRUs requiring this type of test approach include Propulsion, LVPS and Inverter LRUs. Each has their own special requirements and physical size; The weight and the potentially lethal voltages and currents involved all have to be considered both during the handling and testing of the units.

S500 test solutions have been developed to provide a safe physical and electrical environment with safety interlocks helping to ensure the protection of the operator – especially when high voltage or high current is present.

Physical shields protect the operator from the electrical hazards but also protect them in the event of catastrophic LRU failure events.

Diagnosys High Power Bay - Toshiba
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Mass Transit sector LRUs requiring this type of test

Propulsion System

The S500 Bench Test Equipment (BTE) is customized to provide reliable and automated testing of Propulsion System for Mass Transit.

APU Testing

The The Auxiliary Power Unit converts third rail power to the DC and AC voltages required for each of the subsystems on the train.

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High Power Testing Features

1 Safe test of High Power LRUs and LLRUs

2 Physical shields to ensure the safety of the operator

3 Safety interlocks to protect against electrical shock

4 Robust and reliable interfacing